Urban Location

  • Benefits from having direct connections to four German motorways. Major centres of business are within a day's drive.

  • Hannover's inland waterway ports are connected via the Mittellandcanal to Europe's waterway network.

  • Hannover Nordhafen Inland Canal Port Container terminal Hannover (CTH) – 0.25km, 2-minute drive.

  • Hannover's international airport provides rapid airfreight and 24-hour operations without weight limits offering competitive advantages.

  • Central hub in Germany's / Europe's vital train connections running both east-west (linking the Rhine-Ruhr industrial area and Berlin) and north-south (linking Hannover and Munich). Easy access to public transport including S-Bahn, U-Bahn and the bus network.

Hannover's International Airport provides rapid airfreight and 24-hour operations without weight limits

National Reach

Roads - Drive

  KM Minutes
A2 (Anschlussstelle 44) 1.5 4
A352 (via B522) 4.6 7
A7 (via A352) 17.8 14

Locations - Drive

  KM Minutes
Binnenhafen Nordhafen 4.2 9
Central Hannover 6.4 15
Hannover Int. Airport 7.4 11
Lehrte MegaHub 21.7 23
Ostwestfalen Lippe Region 96.4 55
Hamburg 147 1hr 29min
Bremerhaven 177 1hr 38min
Ruhrgebiet 225 2hr 12min
Leipzig Airport 246 2hr 23min
Berlin 285 3hr 19min
Frankfurt Airport 365 3hr 38min


An Experienced and Skilled Labour Pool

Regional Logistics Area

  • Thanks to its highly-differentiated range of businesses and occupiers, the Hannover region demonstrates a broad spectrum of logistics functions with high quality requirements.
  • Over the last 10 years, more than 50% of all commercial property transactions in Hannover were driven by logistics usage.
  • Hannover has developed a regional logistics area concept. This concept has the objective of developing marked relevant locations integrated within area planning zones to satisfy the logistics industry’s demands.
  • Land at key regional sites is reserved for logistics development and important infrastructure projects are being initiated and supported. 1.3Bn invested in logistics real estate and development since 2013.

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Labour Supply

  Hannover Hamburg Germany
Employed 414,900 1,203,300 43,057,000
Employees 389,400 1,086,000 38,721,000
Unemployment Rate 7.4% 7.1% 6.1%

Of the 398,000 people that work in Hannover, 72,000 are directly employed in either logistics or logistics related businesses